Few things in this world are as universally beloved as ice cream. Chef and West Sacramentan Jess Milbourn certainly feels this and wants his neighbors to reconnect with the simple pleasure that comes from a creamy scoop balanced on a flaky, crunchy cone.

That philosophy led  Jess to establish his ice cream parlour. Devil May Care Ice Cream & Frozen Treats connects Milbourn's community with a lifetime of recipes he perfected with family, many years as a chef and from the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

"Ice cream appeals to pretty much every age and background. It can take us back to our childhood or simply create a few minutes of distraction during a stressful day," Jess says. "Some of my fondest childhood memories was using an old hand-crank ice cream maker with my grandparents in the backyard. The equipment's more sophisticated and I have more ingredients to work with now, but the basic concept hasn't changed in the least."

Devil May Care Ice Cream & Frozen Treats reflects Milbourn's affection for ice cream, a treat he half-jokingly insists holds the solution to the majority of life's stresses. 

At Devil May Care Ice Cream & Frozen Treats our philosophy is simple; we strive to make great ice cream and give our guests a reason to smile. All of our ice cream is hand crafted in small batches by us using the best quality, local ingredients we can find. The abundance of local farmers in our region gives us access to a great palette of flavors. Our menu changes frequently but we will always have Chocolate & Vanilla. Give us a call at (916)572-0456 or check out our social media pages for current selections.